Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September Show & Tell

Here is the latest batch of spiffy handcrafted items from our talented members:

Amy P stitched this outstanding bargello piece.
It looks like it's the insert to a simple box,
but it's really a piggybank!

 Becky M stitched these two cute holiday ornaments on felt.
The simple-to-do finishing makes them all the more appealing.

Becky also stitched this clever cat sampler,
beautifully accented by the black-and-gold frame.

This striking Peace pillow was stitched by Julie,
one of our newest members.
She is Becky's daughter!

Ruth is our needlework rescuer.
She acquired this stunning beaded piece...

...this beautiful example of Romanian lace...

...and this psychedelic wonder from the '70's
which she has plans to restore.

 Pat B stitched these identical (except for the finish) birds...

And this hardanger heart piece
from the 2014 Nordic Needle retreat.
It's taped to the metal heart-shaped box.

Last but certainly not least,
Wendy L finished an impressive whitework sampler
and this lovely canvaswork music box insert
taught at our May workshop.

Way to go, ladies!
Until next time, keep stitching.

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 2014 Show & Tell

Once again, our talented members put on a very interesting and impressive Show & Tell after our August meeting.

Alice C stitched this cute, fall-themed bookmark.

Amy P stitched this impressive needlepoint pillow.

Barb P stitched these fun Hallowe'en skeletons.

Becky M stitched the two fabulous Christmas pillows above.

Becky also completed this lovely holiday brooch,
which was a chapter education project from earlier in the year.

Pat B completed the guild workshop piece and a small pincushion.

Last but not least,
Renee stitched a prototype of the teaching piece
for the Camp Quality outreach program.
It's a super hero shield!

Until next month, keep stitching!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Lake County Fair

The Lake County Fair is being held all this week, through Sunday, August 10, 2014, at the Fairgrounds in Crown Point, IN.  Our members once again did us proud.  Congratulations to all of them!   Here are photos from Exhibitors' Night.

Elaine H

Renee R

Sue H

Pat B

If you have a chance, you should go out to see these exhibits (and the rest of the Fair).  Conditions for photography in the Family Arts and Crafts Building are challenging.  The exhibits definitely look much better in person!

Don't forget our upcoming meeting on Tuesday, August 5th.  The program will be embellishing crazy quilts.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 2014 Show & Tell

Five of our industrious members brought 16(!) projects to our July 1st general meeting.  Without further ado, here they are:

Amy P stitched this Hallowe'en bellpull.
It's so cute she should leave it up all year long! 

Becky M, who is usually a canvaswork enthusiast,
not only stitched three canvaswork ornaments,
she stitched three cross stitch ornaments, too,
all of them wonderfully finished.
She's ready for Christmas!

Chris R stitched a variety of lovely pieces,
all of them framed and ready to hang!

Joyce K took an EGA correspondence course
which resulted in this stunning pulled thread Ikebana piece.

Sue H went on a trip to the UK in June and
not only finished her chapter workshop piece (on the left)
but she finished an additional piece by Nancy Buhl
which she purchased at the workshop.  
Very pretty!

And while Sue was in England browsing in a shop,
she encountered a needlework designer
who gifted her with this pattern for a lovely greeting card
which Sue also finished on her trip.
Maybe she should leave the country more often!
(Just kidding, Sue.)

That wraps up July.
Until next month, keep stitching!