Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April Show and Tell

The theme of the items shown at our April meeting was Bookmarks for Literacy.
Here are the items.

Renee made this pretty heart bookmark.

Janet made these three cute bookmarks.

From the top, Marjorie's items are:
her clever year in stitches sampler (her own design);
three cute bookmarks;
two adorable miniature needlebooks;
and a sweet crocheted octopus.
She also made a whole lot of
fingerless gloves but, alas,
we have no photo of them.

Becky knit the colorful scarf (top)
and stitched the adorable snowman (bottom).

Finally, Karen J designed, stitched and assembled
this stunning French boutis clutch.

Until next time, keep stitching.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Show and Tell

There was a boatload of stitchy eye candy brought by our members at the March general meeting.  Let's take a look...

Carol L stitched these lovely bread cloths...

...and this cute Santa ornament.

Chris R stitched this clever "clock."
(and, yes, it is almost always time to stitch!)

Karen J stitched this cute freebie,
which she made into a pillow.

Karen also stitched and finished (of course)
the adorable cardinal pillow,
and designed and stitched the
three fabulous French boutis scissor cases.

Claudia stitched this delicious-looking drink.

Lynn U stitched this pretty spring ornament.

Becky M stitched these two cute egg-shaped
bunny stand-ups, finished by Karen J.

This is the continuation of Marj H's
original stitchy journal of her year.
It's enough to make a person want to plunge
back in to surface embroidery!

This is Tina's beautiful church piece,
which Karen J finished as a flatfold.

And this is just the start of Tina's wonderful
gigantic blackwork piece.
It's a freebie on the Blackwork Journey website.

Last but not least, Renee
brought these lovely quilted potholders.

Until next time, keep stitching!

Friday, February 10, 2017

February Show and Tell

Here is the collection of lovelies that our members brought to the February meeting.

Karen J brought her newest French boutis designs,
the gorgeous hearts and clever scissor cases.

This is Marj H's original stitch-a-day,
which is her diary of 2017 in stitches.

She also finished this interesting canvas piece,
started by our late member Renee S.

Marj took an EGA correspondence course,
and made this stunning beaded paisley necklace.
Photos can't do it (or any of these pieces) justice.

She also stitched this cute holiday tea towel.

Pat B stitched the cardinal flatfold and
deer-in-winter doorknob hanger,
finished to perfection by Karen J.

Renee R  and other members of her quilt guild
did these charming applique butterflies.

Becky M stitched this cute picture,
all the while thinking of her dog.

Her daughter Julie, a former member, stitched the
lovely bargello ornament on the left, while Becky
stitched the Cubs memorabilia on the right.

Until next time, keep on stitching!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

November Show and Tell

Here are the wonderful items our members shared at the November meeting.

Becky M stitched the logo of her favorite team,
and a pretty Christmas decoration.

Carol L stitched the sweet child's picture
and also brought a pillow found in a resale shop.

Janet C stitched this lovely Paris-themed piece.

Marge G stitched this enticing animal picture.

Marj H stitched this lovely piece using surface embroidery techniques.

Pat B stitched a pillow
(finished beautifully by fellow member Karen J),
and also the pin cube which she finished herself.

Renee brought a colorful quilt
and her cute inchies.

Finally, Tina stitched this lovely church.

Don't forget:
Our next regularly scheduled meeting
will be in February.
Until then, keep stitching.

Monday, October 31, 2016

October Show and Tell

A handful of members brought a bounty of stitchy goodness to the October meeting.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Becky stitched this adorable Halloween design,
finished by our member, Karen J.

Karen J has now become a Boutis designer!
Here are her first three designs,
with a Christmas/winter theme.

Marjorie brought everything in the
above three photos:
sweet little knitted caps,
felted pin, ruler cover,
Christmas ornament,
and last but not least,
her start on the Illinois State Day project,
an egg ornament taught by Kay Stanis.
All so lovely!

Until next time, keep stitching!

Friday, September 9, 2016

August & September Show & Tell

Here is a catch-up post which includes all the stitched lovelies from the last two chapter meetings.


Chris R brought this sweet patriotic ornament.

Karen J made this clever project roll.

Pat B stitched this cute needleroll, finished by Karen J.

Lynn U stitched this pretty bookmark.

Marjorie H brought these lovely temari balls.

Becky M made this adorable summery piece.

Marge G showed this intricate initial D.

Carol L brought these cute bookmarks which our chapter offered
as a project for the kids at Camp Quality this year.


Becky M brought these beautiful needlepoint and beaded items.

 Marjorie H brought all the wonderful items in these two photos,
including her framed EGA challenge projects (above).

And finally Janet C brought this boatload of stitchy goodness.

Until next time, keep stitching!