Chapter Meetings

Meeting Format: The Business Meeting is called to order by the President, the minutes are read from the last meeting + Board Members report. Chapter announcements and information is shared. Refreshments provided by members. The Chapter Program (project or lecture) for the evening is then presented.

Show-N-Tell: All NANI members are encouraged to participate. Projects completed by members are placed on the Show-n-Tell table. Members are asked to give a brief description of their projects to the rest of the chapter members. Members participating in Show-n-Tell will have their name included in a random drawing for a gift certificate from one of our advertisers.

Secret Stitcher Club: Secret Stitcher cards + gifts are distributed. The Secret Stitcher Club is a voluntary program which starts January 1st and concludes at the Holiday Party in December. Participants bring in or send something to their Secret Stitcher at least once per month.

Programs at Chapter Meetings: Programs are offered to members following the business meeting. These programs are developed with input from our membership. These lessons usually last about an hour. Fees and sign up deadlines are publicized in the newsletter. To sign up, see the contact person listed in the newsletter.

Lectures at Chapter Meetings: No fee is usually charged to attend a lecture + guests are welcome to join us. We encourage our guests to become members after attending two chapter meetings.

Name tag: Each member is required to wear a name tag at each chapter meeting. Members have three months to stitch a name tag. After three months, a fee ($.25) is collected.

Attendance Prizes: NANI members donate prizes and give them to the Membership Chairman. During random meetings, the Membership Chairman draws names at random for the prize(s). The member must be present at the chapter meeting to win.

Snacks/Hospitality: Two to three members provide refreshments for each monthly meeting. At the Oct + Nov chapter meetings, a sign up sheet is available for volunteers to sign up for a particular month to bring treats during the following year. Volunteers bring beverages + snacks of their choice. The Hospitality Chairman is responsible for the coffee + tea. The Hostess schedule is listed in the newsletters.