Monday, January 28, 2013

Banta Knitters group in need of donations ...

Banta Knitters group creates robes, blankets, shawls for good causes : Valparaiso News

open link above to read about the group + what they are doing.

"The group is in need of donations, either monetary or yarn. It can be dropped off at the center, 605 Beech St. Call (219) 462-1301 for more information."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Merchandise available for purchase .....

travel blanket

To view the 2013 Seminar Momentos, details for ordering, etc., visit the EGA web site .... LINK HERE.    

needle minder

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sign Up Deadline ...

Please let Janet C know  TODAY, if you are planning to sign up for the 
Ornament Challenge project.

Kits are being distributed at the February general meeting. 

(Details at this LINK)

The kit fee is $9 and checks are to be made payable to NANI. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Stitching For the Men

 You can stitch for the guys too! Here is a wonderful piece stitched by Sue P and shared at Show and Tell at the January 2013 meeting. I think it has something to do with football...;)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Challenge Project Deadline Extended

The deadline to register for the February Challenge project has been extended to Tuesday, January 15, 2013. Send your registration to Janet C by then. Checks should be made payable to NANI for $9. Pictured are the materials you will use in this challenge. Instructions, tips, guidance and encouragement also provided....Challenge your designing self! Stretch your imagination! Experiment with your stitching! Have lots of fun with this challenge! The big reveal of completed projects will be the October 2013 general meeting. Also watch Flying Fingers Plus throughout the month for more posts from January's Show and Tell and open stitch event. Happy Stitching NANI!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Education 2013 - Classes for Members

open stitch night

The challenge will be made to those who have signed up for this chapter program.  At the February meeting you will receive your “kit” along with the instructions for the challenge.  You will be required to use some of all items in the kit.  The rest will be explained by ReneeR and Pam S-Y.  Completed ornaments will be revealed later in the year – all at the same time.

Cost: $9
Registration deadline is extended to:    January 15, 2013.

Additional information in previous post - LINK HERE.

March - Bookmark and Nametag Workshop

NANI members will stitch together to produce bookmarks for themselves or to donate to the Hammond Reads outreach project. Various methods of finishing a bookmark will be shared. Nametags will also be stitched. You need more than one don't you?! Free charts for both projects will be provided. Bring your own fabric scraps, threads, ribbon, etc. and normal stitching supplies. A limited supply of aida cloth, floss and Perle cotton from the NANI stash will be available.  Sharing of materials is encouraged (but not required)!

Cost: Free
Registration: None required.

April - Presentation and trunk show 
Linda Rinkel from House of Stitches.  
Linda will talk about new products from March market.  If members want her to bring specific items from shop, she will do so, as long as we let her know in advance.

Cost:  Free
No registration needed.

Bargello Series #6 - Florentine Basketweave (canavswork)
Carolyn Mitchell Designs
This intriguing bargello pattern by Caroline Mitchell Designs will be taught by SueD
Cost - $11
Registration deadline is March meeting.

Heirloom Wedding Sampler by TheaDueck (The Victoria Sampler)
28 ct. evenweave
PatB will lead us through klosters (satin stitch), Algerian Eyelets, Wrapped Bars, and curled “V” filling stitch.

Cost - $TBD
Registration deadline is May meeting.

July - Design Your Own (Band) Sampler, part 1
JoyceK will discuss the planning of your own sampler – width of bands, border or no border, choosing analphabet, basting fabric, adding a motif, colors/choosing your fibers, how much fabric to consider.   Pre-work for this class will include gathering materials from your stash to consider as inspiration for your own sampler.

You will receive information upon registration to help you choose materials to bring to July class.

Cost - $2 (estimated).  
Registration deadline is June meeting.  

August - Design Your Own (Band) Sampler, part 2
SueH will review and teach several stitches that are variations of cross stitch (sort of).  Although the stitches practiced in class will include long armed cross, herringbone variations, Smyrna, star double cross, and elongated cross , the types of stitches you add to your sampler are limited by only your imagination and amount of fabric you have decided to use.   

Pre-work will include:  purchasing your own fabric and fibers (or utilizing materials from your stash), and basting your fabric, as discussed in July class.  

Cost – included in cost for July class (part 1)
Registration is made at June meeting.   (when registering for part one)

September - Canvas – Tequila Sunrise 
by Laura J Perin - 4 ¼” square; 

KarolJ will help us to place beautiful colors to canvas using following stitches: diagonal satin, ray, straight, and Rhodes stars.  Shown in orange/purple; an alternate colorway will be available: blue/peach.

Cost - $ TBD
Registration deadline is August meeting

October - Surface EmbroiderySilk Sampler Basket 
by Mary Polityka Bush 
-28 ct. evenweave; approx.3” square 
JoyceK will demonstrate long arm cross, ribbed spider, blanket, and satin stitches.  It is suggested that you bring/use a laying tool to enhance the beauty of the silk fibers used for this project. Instructions will be included to finish as a pin.
Cost - $TBD
Registration deadline is September meeting.

November - Beading 
from NeedleArts Magazine, December 2011 issue

DebL will show us how to create a net of beads as an ornament cover, and then to add a dazzling fringe.  Kit will include the beads + instructions.

Cost - $TBD
Registration deadline is September meeting.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


January Chapter meeting
will be on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Educational Classes will be revealed

Members can enjoy an open stitch night.

DUE TO THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE, please note February's class and Sign up Deadline

February's Class  - Challenge Ornament
The challenge will be made to those who have signed up for this chapter program.  At the February meeting you will receive your “kit” along with the instructions for the challenge.  You will be required to use some or all items in the kit.  The rest will be explained by ReneeR + PamS-Y.  Completed ornaments will be revealed later in the year – all at the same time.

Cost: $9
Registration deadline is January meeting.

(2013 Class information + photos will be on the blog Jan 2nd)