Membership + Dues

Effective  4/27/2012:

Dues are $55.00 per year. This membership includes belonging to EGA and GLR. Benefits of membership include access to all educational offerings,seminars, and a subscription to Needle Arts Magazine.
Dues also include membership in our our local NANI chapter, you will receive a bi-monthly newsletter, have access to monthly meetings, monthly educational classes and special events.

Needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana dues consist of:
$37.00 for National membership
3.00 for Regional membership
15.00 for Chapter membership

Dues are paid annually in May.  First year dues for new members may be prorated, based on the month in which they join. 

Checks are made payable to:  The Needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana, or the abbreviation of NANI.   At no time are checks to be made out to an individual.

Please e-mail inquiries directly to our
Membership Chairman
with Needle Artisans or NANI in the subject line.