Friday, June 11, 2010

Mary Frances Meadows

Former member Mary Frances Meadows passed away this week. She had had heart surgery in May and never really came back from it.

I believe she was a NANI charter member. She didn't drive, but came any time she could obtain a ride, which wasn't often in the last few years. Mary Frances was also a member of Ridge Needlepointers (ANG) and Homewood Embroiderer's Guild. I've been unable to find an obituary for Mary Frances. I did discover that she was born September 15, 1928.

For those of you who wish to remember her, there will be a memorial service on Saturday, June 26 at 11am at the Church of the Holy Family in Park Forest, IL.

If you click on the church link, you will be able to see a lovely embroidery done by a good friend of Mary Frances's, Rita Kortenhoeven. Rita stitched an original Phoenix for the church. The Phoenix is treasured by the church and treated with a great deal of care and is only on display at certain times of the year to protect it from the light. Sadly, the picture doesn't enlarge. The piece is spectacular in person.

This page has directions to the church but no embroidery.

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