Saturday, October 23, 2010

Secret Stitcher

The Secret Stitcher Club is a voluntary program to help members
get acquainted with other NANI members.
This program starts January 1st and concludes at the Holiday Party in December.
Participants may send cards or gifts celebrating
holidays, birthdays, + special occasions
and usually try to send something to their Secret Stitcher at least once per month.

If you are interested in participating
in the Secret Stitcher program next year,

Renee S would like the completed form returned to her
(either mailed or at the November meeting)

and she will forward them to
the new Vice-President before the first of the year.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind
when considering participation in the
Secret Stitcher program:

1. Try to keep the cost to $10.00 or less per month.

2. Remember your secret stitcher every month with something (it need not be a lot).

3. You may wish to consider something a little more special for a special date (ie., birthday, holiday, anniversary).

4. Your secret stitcher items may be brought to the monthly meetings for anonymous distribution.

5. Finally, if you need to use the U.S. Mail, you may use the address of the program coordinator as the return address instead of your own (to keep your anonymity).


Need a form?

Comments or questions? Contact Renee S or
e-mail Needle Artisans

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