Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Throw your name
into the basket!

Two $25.00 scholarships will be awarded
at the December holiday party.

You must have a current membership to
participate in the drawing
be a current member
at the time
the scholarship is used.

Participation is the responsibility
of each member.

Please fill out the Scholarship Form

(The form is located in the November
Flying Fingers newsletter),

and mail your
Scholarship form to Cindy L by
November 20th

The purpose of this program
is to encourage and support
chapter members in their own
education and advancement in the
art of needlework.

Scholarships may be used for:
attending EGA sponsored workshops,
a regional/national seminar,
State Day event,
ICC or GCC courses,
NANI workshops,
NANI monthly classes & lectures.

Questions should be directed to Cindy
or e-mail Needle Artisans

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