Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GLR News

March 2011 GLR Newsletter

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Oh, so fun to read about our chapter
outreach programs in the GLR news!

I noticed they are still looking

for a volunteer to take care of the fundraising items:

"GLR Fundraising
Please consider volunteering!!

On the heels of that announcement I must remind you...we have boxes of tote bags in my house with money tied up in them not earning any return. In able to utilize these wonderful bags, they need to be available to the membership. We must have a chairman to handle fundraising. These bags are truly wonderful. I am using two of them and cannot stress enough how wonderful they are. So...one more time I am pleading...we desperately need someone for this position. "

I have one of their bags + it is terrific!
Nice size, great zipper top, keep all my
travel gear inside without spilling in the car ; )

Contact: Corinne C, Region Director,
if you are interested in purchasing
a tote bag --- or being a volunteer
to take over this fundraiser

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