Monday, May 9, 2011

Extra Kit

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled out required floss and opened up my Biscornu Stackers kit. The materials are lovely.

In addition to the pattern with buttons and overdye fiber --- Sue put together the rest of our ingredients for this autumn project: linen, Soie 100/3, (2) Perle Cottons, beads, and two needles. Ribbon to tie up the biscornu stacks will be handed out during the next class. Your finished project will look like this:

Terrific! I had the suggested floss already + how wonderful to have everything else ready to stitch. I appreciate the large diagrams!

Part Two of this class will follow the September chapter meeting. Plenty of time to get the squares stitched up. The motifs are charming (IMO) squirrels, acorns, leaves, flowers.

Per Sue D, there is ONE more kit. If you are interested in purchasing, contact her asap (or email Needle Artisans.) The fee is $22.00, checks made payable to Needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana.

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