Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Follow Up ...

I would like to thank the guests at the Lake Co Fair
who stopped by our demonstration area in the
Family Arts and Crafts Building.

We enjoyed sharing needlework instruction
and guiding you thru basic cross stitching.

Learn How to Cross Stitch in Five Minutes handout was available - if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

As for the punch needle, we had a few rings up for
guests to try.

The basic supplies needed are a good punch needle which can be purchased at various craft supplies stores. We were using a Clover 7" Hoop on a Hoop Stand.

The cloth for punch needle is weaver's cloth.

Here is a link which has loads of information on technique:
Learning Miniature Punch Needle Embroidery.

Here is a link with photographs and short descriptions of the punch needles available:
punchneedle marketplace.
We had three different kinds available to try. Each are unique; however, they thread and work the same!

These were the models on the table:

Lizzie Kate Design
Halloween Hang-ups

Free Clip Art
by Mosey N Me

Sheep N Key Doodle
by Betty Dekat

In addition to needlework shops + craft stores, there are many free images on-line for punch needle and cross stitching.

Thank you for stopping by our demonstration area.

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