Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stash Sale notes from Renee

We earned $50.06 (about 200 items). We did sell everything for $.25 each with hard back books for $1. We promoted our Guild and one young woman is interested in coming to a meeting this fall. 

We brought a lot back home..Amy P and Marge G talked me into sorting + storing some of it (with their help) for one more try at selling . Kits will be donated, and fabric will be used for NANI Education.  The books, magazines + charts will be sorted and stored.

I found that shoppers were really excited and bought a few dollars worth, or just rummaged through everything for that one special buy. The morning from 10-12:30 had a nice crowd, then it was very quiet after that. I heard there was a good crowd in the store, but I did not shop today. We packed and left about 2:30 p.m.  I offered to help Linda with publicity next year. 

Thanks everyone for your donations and help for our stash sale events.  



Faith... said...

I enjoyed this event! This was my second time shopping at the Stash Sale and look forward to next August.

Sherry of IN said...

Where us this held at as I definitely would be interested in shopping.