Friday, November 2, 2012

Early Registration Opens Tomorrow

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EGA Seminar 2013 -  Louisville, KY
The Galt House  -  October 5-11, 2013

They're lining up at the starting gates!

Early registration for EGA Seminar 2013 opens on November 3.

Go to the EGA website,, log in and click on Events, National Seminars, and National Seminar 2013. This takes you to where all the class descriptions, photos and other seminar information may be found.  You may also click here once you log in!

After reviewing the classes and you're ready to place your "bet", click on the Registration tab on the right hand menu, scroll down and click on "Event's invitation link" and that will take you to the online registration.

If you prefer to mail your registration form by USPS, see the link at the bottom of the Registration page to print a form and information.

Don't be left in the backfield, early registration closes on November 17. Your online registration must be completed by that date or your form must be postmarked by that date.

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