Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Band Sampler

Registration deadline is June meeting.  

July - Design Your Own (Band) Sampler, part 1
JoyceK will discuss the planning of your own sampler – width of bands, border or no border, choosing analphabet, basting fabric, adding a motif, colors/choosing your fibers, how much fabric to consider.   Pre-work for this class will include gathering materials from your stash to consider as inspiration for your own sampler.

You will receive information upon registration to help you choose materials to bring to July class.

August - Design Your Own (Band) Sampler, part 2
SueH will review and teach several stitches that are variations of cross stitch (sort of).  Although the stitches practiced in class will include long armed cross, herringbone variations, Smyrna, star double cross, and elongated cross , the types of stitches you add to your sampler are limited by only your imagination and amount of fabric you have decided to use.   

Pre-work will include:  purchasing your own fabric and fibers (or utilizing materials from your stash), and basting your fabric, as discussed in July class. 

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