Saturday, September 4, 2010

Member Boutique - form

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Per Pat B:

The September meeting is the last chance
to sign up for the Boutique!

I will be bringing the sign-up sheet
and inventory forms to the September meeting.

The inventory forms are to accompany the items
when they are turned in to the Boutique
the Friday night before the exhibit.

Your items should each have a tag
with your initials
plus a sequential number, e.g., CP1, CP2, etc.,
and the price.

You should make 2 copies of the filled-out form:
one you keep and the other two are for me.

Thanks, Pat

** there is also a copy of the Inventory Form on this blog
(which may be easier to read).
On the right hand side,
under the heading
click on 'Inventory Form'

Information & Details can be found
HERE or direct
comments & quesitons to Pat B.

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