Friday, May 7, 2010

Member's Boutique

There will be a
Member's Boutique at the NANI
Needle Arts Exhibit

Now is the time to start thinking
of what YOU would want to make!!!

Items in the boutique will be sold
and Members will keep 80%
of the sale price of their items
with the other 20% being
donated to the chapter.

We would like to stock the boutique
with hand made, non-Christmas items only

Members participating in the Boutique
will need to let Pat know (asap) they are participating,
will need to fill out a form with
name, type of item (number of items)

Price their hand made items and drop them off
on Friday, October 1st
during the intake of projects for the exhibit

Pat B & NANI volunteers
will manage the boutique
during the exhibit (Sat & Sun)

On Sunday afternoon, during release of projects,
members would need to pick up
unsold items from the Boutique display

Any NANI member wishing to participate
will need to sign up for the Boutique
by the September chapter meeting

Pat B has forms & is
available for questions / comments

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