Thursday, May 13, 2010

Learn-To-Stitch tables

During the Needle Art Exhibit
there will be a
Learn to embroider...
area set up.

At each of three tables at the back of the display room,
no more than two members will be sitting—leaving two chairs empty at each.
They will be stitching on their own projects
and inviting passers-by to stop
and learn to embroider.

On each table will be an invitation sign
with models of the two projects.

The two projects will be 3” square needlebooks.
One will have a cover of aida cloth, the other felt.
Both will have a felt page,
with a needle in it,
already threaded with two strands of floss.
The remaining length of floss will be curled up in the needlebook.

For the cross stitch needlebooks,
we will have a page of small one-color designs charted to stitch.
The felt books will have a design printed on them
to be stitched in out line or chain stitches.

Each table will have a bag or basket of needlebooks
but they will not be on the table.
We do not want this to be a grab-n-go
or a useless treat for someone who knows how to stitch
but just can’t resist a freebie.

We will encourage people to sit
and at least begin stitching with us
in order to get their needlebook to take.

Once they sit down,
the members at the table can show them the models
and possible designs.
We especially want to encourage children
or children with their parents to sit and stitch.

Volunteer sign up sheets will be available
at the June Chapter meeting

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