Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ornament Sale

Are you thinking about ways of helping with the exhibit?

There will be an ornament sale
during the Needle Art Exhibit

How about making holiday ornaments?

NANI will earn
100% of profits
from the hand made ornaments
donated by members

Don't have time to finish your ornaments?

Karen U & Sue D have volunteered
to finish ornaments for this fundraiser

unfinished ornaments deadline is August 18th

finished ornaments need to be turned in
by the September chapter meeting

Finished or unfinished ornaments can also be given to
Claudia C or Chris R

Unsold ornaments will be turned over to
The Hospice of Calumet Area,
our on-going outreach program
(Link to information)

Check with Marjorie about fabric donated
to our chapter ...
she is handing out pieces while supplies last

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