Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A note from Renee R:

I hope all is well with everyone and that you are finishing your pieces for the Needle Art Show, October 2-3, 2010 (10am-4pm). Thanks to all for your participation.

Remember that the deadline to turn in your entry / insurance forms
is August 18, 2010.
Please talk with Beth V if you have any
questions about the form or the deadline.

The deadline to turn in ornaments is
August 18th if they are unfinished
and the September general meeting
if they are finished.
Turn them into Claudia C or Chris R,
or to be finished to Karen U or Sue D.

Bring your Opportunity Drawing items
to the August general meeting.
We will be photographing them
and preparing the promotional fliers for the drawing.
Ticket sales for the Opportunity Drawing
will begin at the September general meeting.

Those participating the the Members' Boutique
should have their inventory forms completed by the exhibit days
Call Pat B to obtain the forms
or with any questions.

It is now time to let us know how you
will be helping at the Exhibit.
The following is a list of tasks.
Please sign the Volunteer Sign-up book
at the July & August general meetings.
If you can't be at the meeting,
please call Renee R to tell her how you can help

(01) Man Admission Table: take admission tickets, greet visitors

(02) Man Opportunity Drawing: sell tickets, answer questions on items

(03) Man Members Boutique: sell boutique items, keep record of what is sold

(04) Man Ornament Sale: sell ornaments

(05) Docents: greet visitors, assist them while viewing exhibit

(06) Membership Table: answer questions on NANI & EGA Membership

(07) Education Table: answer questions on our chapter's education program

(08) Public Learn to Stitch Area: assist visitors with beginner stitching project (project photos & info - LINK HERE)

(09) Set Up on Friday, Oct 1, apx 3pm- TBA: arrange exhibit as items are delivered to the Community Center

(10) Take down on Sun, Oct 3, 5pm - TBA: Return items to their owners as they come to retrieve their pieces. help return display to storage shed.

(11) Public Stitching Area: Will stitch in public during the exhibit, chat with visitors

(12) Display: Move & clean exhibit displays, help gather what is needed for displays, Sept 11th @9am at the storage shed.


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